Q. Do I have to live in Chicago to be able to attend IHSCA?
A. Yes. You must live in Chicago, but you may live in any area within the City limits in order to apply to IHSCA.

Q. If I am placed on the waiting list, what are my chances of getting in?
Each year the possibility of getting accepted to IHSCA if you are on the waiting list will fluctuate. This will depend largely on the number of applicants and changes in the existing student body enrollment.

Q. If my English speaking or writing skills are not strong, will that affect my enrollment?
A. No, at IHSCA we will offer instruction in English and Spanish and strive to work with all students to achieve maximum proficiency in both languages

Q. What if I miss the enrollment application deadline?
Though we would like to accommodate all students that apply or are interested in attending IHSCA, it is important that the process stays fair to those who are meeting the deadlines. We will only accept applications that are turned in by the enrollment application deadline of December 31.

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